INSCOP: The Motion Sickness Solution

What is the military "gap?"
An unmet medical need for pharmceutical solutions for motion sickness.
What are the military requirements?
Must be easily administered;
Rapid onset of action preventing motion sickness – 15 minutes or less;
No adverse side effects impacting personnel mission effectiveness;
Long stable shelf life (at least two years); and storage characteristics that
allow use in all operational contexts and by all sizes of operational units.
                                               INSCOP: The Motion Sickness Solution                                         

INSCOP meets all identified military requirements:
  • Rapid acting: reduces symptoms by virtually 100% within 15 minutes of administration
  • Self-administered
  • No significant side effects or impact on cognitive performance
  • Answers the call of the SECNAV to “Maintain Warfighter Readiness in an Era of Reduced Budgets” and “Organize, Train, and Equip Combat-Ready Forces” by saving attrition-related money, improving training, and retaining mission-ready personnel
  • Shelf life of up to 24 months;
  • Improves warfighter “reliability and operational readiness” by reducing personnel casualties from motion sickness while minimizing the performance deficits common to current treatment modalities​.
                                 INSCOP is the user-recognized solution to motion sickness.                                 
What are the current Solutions?
The two most common methods of administration (transdermal and oral) are limited by slow therapeutic onset and side effects that are unacceptable in operational personnel performing combat missions. The current Navy solutions for motion sickness & emesis are meclizine HCl/Bonine, Antivert®(tablets); prochlorperazine/Compazine® (tablet or suppository); and promethazine/Phenegran® (tablet or suppository).