Delivery & Administration

  • FDA-approved INSCOP will be provided in a container for nasal delivery packaged in a protective outer package with a removable seal. The device will provide up to six doses over a 3-day treatment period (two doses per day maximum to minimize chance of over-dosage).
  • INSCOP can be prescribed by unit medical staff for self-administration by the service member
  • Pump provided to service member is identical to other pumps commonly used, so minimal medical training required for use
  • Personnel with a history of motion sickness who participate in motion sickness-provocative operations would report and be prescribed INSCOP, self-treating 30 min prior to the operation and continuing twice per day until mission completion
  • INSCOP will become part of the AMAL
  • INSCOP distribution will use existing supply structures supporting hospital formularies and ship Available Medical Allowance Lists (AMALs), ensuring rapid supply-chain integration
  • Navy, and ultimately the entire Department of Defense, collaboration and development